Meet Janet Congo

My Passion: To create LifeMates, couples who “Keep the WOW in their VOW!
My Purpose: To grow closer to the Lord and to each other and to encourage
other couples to do the same!
My Practice: To utilize multi-dimensional methods to encourage personal and relational growth!”


For the last 35 years Janet Congo has dedicated herself to helping married couples “Keep the WOW in their VOW!” ….. Helping couples Welcome Other’s World!

Janet Congo challenges couples to make their marriage big enough for two……. two people, two perspectives, two preferences, two interests, two backgrounds, and two cultures. In the counseling office she provides an opportunity for you to speak your truth and to welcome your spouse’s truth. She will provide a framework for differences and disagreements so that conflict stops being a threat to your relationship. She will help you get beyond the stuck places. The result…you will embrace each other as friends and lovers.

Janet and her husband, Dr. David Congo, have co-authored 10 books on relationships. Their book “LifeMates: A Lover’s Guide for a Lifetime Relationship” won the silver medallion book award from The Evangelical Christian Publishers Association in 2003. It has been translated into Dutch, German and Chinese. In addition they wrote “Less Stress” which has been translated into Chinese. David co-authored “What They Didn’t Teach You in Seminary” with Dr. Paul Meier. In addition Janet authored three women’s books, “Finding Inner Security”, “Free to Be God’s Woman”, and “The Self-Confident Woman.” Janet co-authored “The Woman Within” with Julie L. Mask and Jan E. Meier.

They are the co-founders of e-Lifemates, an International Marriage Ministry conducted in local churches. Over a nine year period, they influenced 30,000 couples through e-Lifemates Date Nite events at Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, California.
Together they have hosted and appeared on numerous radio and television programs. They are conference and seminar speakers.

Janet and David have been married 45 years which brings a depth of insight into the work they do. They are blessed with an adult son and daughter-in-love who have four exceptional children and an adult daughter and son-in-love who have three exceptional children.

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