A Moving Metaphor Pt. 1

moving marriage

This week and next we will be featuring guest blogger, James Browning, a regular writer for Epic Life Creative. He will be sharing some of his observations on marriage during his recent cross country relocation. To view part 2 click HERE For some people, marriage is defined as a series of stressful events. Health problems, layoffs, […]

Dad, You Are Important!

dad's you are important

Dave and I were swirling around the dance floor at a friend’s wedding when Dave brought us to a stop. He said, “ Take that in!” I followed Dave’s glance and was delighted with what I saw. One of the groomsmen was dancing with his eight-month old little daughter. She was a vision in a […]

A Daddy Daughter Date

daddy daughter date idea

Marriage Moments will include questions and/or exercises to start conversations. They will provide an an opportunity to know yourself and your partner better. Check in with your LifeMate to see if this is a good time for them to answer these questions. If it is not a convenient time schedule a later time that would […]

Daddy, Your Daughter Needs You

daughter needs daddy

Wisdom From The World “Dear Daddy, no matter where I go in life, who I get married to, how much time I spend with guys, how much I love my husband, you will always be my first love.” – Your loving daughter “Husbands love your wives well! Your children are noticing how you treat her. […]

Ways That Dad’s Can Affect Their Little Girl’s Future

daughters love dads

Have you noticed the ways that fathers are portrayed in the media? Generally it is disgusting. Many are presented as morons, idiots and total dimwits. This makes my heart sad. Yet, have you ever watched a father hold his newborn daughter for the first time? It is a holy moment. Perhaps he feels a little […]