Please Don’t Do Marriage Alone


Does anyone encourage the two of you to keep the marriage vows that you made on your wedding day? Remember, you promised to love and to cherish…in sickness and health…for richer and poorer…till death do us part. How easy it is to say those words when everything is going as planned. How challenging those words […]

Are You Living Far Away From Your Family?


Are you a transplant from another state? Does your family live in another country? Did a job or a sense of adventure bring you here? How does that reality sit with you now that you are the parent of a baby, a toddler or a child? Perhaps it lands differently than when you set out […]

Fifty Shades Of Counterfeit

marriage advice, valentine's day

As a married couple, have you let your sexual relationship take a back burner? Is maintaining your comfort zone your highest goal? Do you rarely talk about your sexual relationship? Has monogamy turned into monotony? If so, it’s time to wake up! We live in a sexually charged world. 50 Shades of Grey will be […]