Are You Invested in Creating a New Ending?


Moment of Self-Reflection:

What might be the one tweak that I can make in the re-occurring and uncomfortable moments in our marriage?

1. Might it have to do with my attitude? What is the attitude I need to embrace?

2. Might it be that I need to work on my choice of words? Are there words I need to stop using or start using? Be specific.

3. Might it be that I need to act differently? What is it that I do that fuels the fire of our arguments?

Moment of Goal Setting:

Write out how you want to change your approach to your spouse in the uncomfortable moments in your relationship. Be specific. Be positive. Make a copy of this and put it where you will naturally come across it every day.

Moment of Connection:

Share your goal with your mate. Listen while they share theirs with you. Pray for each other.

Be encouragers of each other’s growth!

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