Love in the Rocky Times

freedom in love to love

Marriage Moments will include questions and/or exercises to start conversations. They will provide an an opportunity to know yourself and your partner better. Check in with your LifeMate to see if this is a good time for them to answer these questions. If it is not a convenient time schedule a later time that would work for both of you. When you are the listener, show up with an interested and curious attitude. Be careful not to interrupt. After one of you has answered the questions, turn the tables and give the other partner their chance.

Have fun getting to know each other better!
  1. Have you ever had anyone in your life who loved you with an unconditional love? If so, tell me about that person and the impact they had on your life.
  2. When I get hurt or upset, how do you see me acting? At those times, what impact does that have on you?
  3. When you were a child was discipline carried out in love, for your best interest, or was it always in the form of angry punishment? How did that impact you? Do you even think it’s possible to be upset and loving at the same time?
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