Married Couples Need Single Friends (And Vice Versa)

married and single friends

Marriage Moments will include questions and/or exercises to start conversations. They will provide an an opportunity to know yourself and your partner better. Check in with your LifeMate to see if this is a good time for them to answer these questions. If it is not a convenient time schedule a later time that would work for both of you. When you are the listener, show up with an interested and curious attitude. Be careful not to interrupt. After one of you has answered the questions, turn the tables and give the other partner their chance.

Have fun getting to know each other better!

If you are married, perhaps as a couple you would be willing to encourage your single friends in a most unusual type of match making.

One of our client couples threw a party that was most creative. If you were invited and decided to attend, you as a couple, had to bring a single who you could vouch for as a friend. The party was a total success!

Same sex friendships were formed and a few dates were arranged.

Have you ever considered providing such an opportunity for singles to interact with each other and with couples in a “safe and fun” setting?

Do you, as a couple, have single friends? How do they enrich your life?

How do you enrich theirs?

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