Sexuality Is To Be Enjoyed

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Wisdom From the World

“Many men would agree mountains are beautiful and sunsets:
oceans, rivers, brooks, lakes each have their particular glory.
Ditto for the night sky, the stars, the full moon. For the day sky too, sunrise, white clouds, the bird in flight, rainbow, and the majesty of a storm. Yet still with all these many splendors, some of us would say, “I am married to the most beautiful sight in the world. Thank you, Lord.” – Charlie and Martha Shedd

“In the vast majority of relationships, the sexual intensity begins to fade after a relatively short time. That initial surge of attraction is designed to keep two people focused on each other as they begin the hard work of creating a relationship and starting a family. It needs to be replaced by a more sophisticated, consciously created, but even more fulfilling form of passion and intimacy.” – Dr. Patricia Love & Joe Robinson

“Most couples don’t talk about sex; they talk around sex. They communicate through gestures, veiled comments, euphemisms, winks, sighs, jibes, jokes, put-downs, lies and code words. At times the way they communicate is more harmful to the relationship than not talking at all.” – Dr. Patricia Love & Joe Robinson

Wisdom From the Word

“Shapely and graceful your sandaled feet, and queenly your movement—
Your limbs are lithe and elegant,
the work of a master artist.
Your body is a chalice,
Your skin is silken and tawny
like a field of wheat touched by the breeze.
Your breasts are like fawns,
twins of a gazelle.
Your neck is carved ivory, curved and slender.
Your eyes are wells of light, deep with mystery.
Quintessentially feminine!
Your profile turns all heads,
commanding attention.
The feelings I get when I see the high mountain ranges
—stirrings of desire, longings for the heights—
Remind me of you,
and I’m spoiled for anyone else!
Your beauty, within and without, is absolute,
dear lover, close companion.
You are tall and supple, like the palm tree,
and your full breasts are like sweet clusters of dates.
I say, “I’m going to climb that palm tree!
I’m going to caress its fruit!”
Oh yes! Your breasts
will be clusters of sweet fruit to me,
Your breath clean and cool like fresh mint,
your tongue and lips like the best wine.
The Woman
“ Yes, and yours are, too—my love’s kisses
flow from his lips to mine.
I am my lover’s.
I’m all he wants. I’m all the world to him!
Come, dear lover—
let’s tramp through the countryside.
Let’s sleep at some wayside inn,
then rise early and listen to bird-song.
Let’s look for wildflowers in bloom,”

“ blackberry bushes blossoming white,
Fruit trees festooned
with cascading flowers.
And there I’ll give myself to you,
my love to your love!
Love-apples drench us with fragrance,
fertility surrounds, suffuses us,
Fruits fresh and preserved
that I’ve kept and saved just for you, my love.”
Song of Solomon 7: 1-13 (The Message)

Keep Me Real, Lord!

Lord, give us the courage to be transparent, and the grace to make it possible. We want to be vulnerable with our beloved. Help us to share the hidden places, to know and be known. Help us to enjoy self knowledge and other knowledge.

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