Vibrant, dynamic, and clearly in love, David and Janet Congo provide a unique and entertaining presentation that helps couples discover the ‘powerful love’ that is fundamental to all enduring relationships.”
—Dr. Stephen Covey (Seven Habits of Highly Effective People) and Roger and Rebecca Merrill (LifeMatters)
Christian Counseling

I am enormously grateful for Dave and Jan Congo, and their investment in the marriages of our church. Their teaching at our recent Marriage Retreat challenged and encouraged our couples, for several reasons. First, God has blessed them with wisdom and insight into what makes marriage work, and what makes marriages last. Second, their refreshing openness and vulnerability opened a window for us into their relationship, and that authenticity gave their words a profound impact. Third, their very style of presenting modeled for us a beautiful mutuality. Self-giving love and mutual respect was evident in the way they ministered together, and in how they deferred to one another, and in their obvious joy and delight in each other.

— Doug Wilson (Senior Pastor Bethany Church)

congo counseling endorsements

“It has been my opportunity to work with some special individuals over the years. These are people whose lives are consistent with what they teach and say. Dave and Jan Congo are two of those people who reflect in their own marriage what they share.”
—H. Norman Wright, Marriage Counselor and Author

“Dave and Jan Congo know how to help couples grow as LifeMates. They share meaningful life illustrations, resources and great ideas in a caring, fun and relaxed way that captivates audiences and gets couples interacting. The Congos are excellent!”
—Chris Clemens, Director of Family Ministries at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center
 Orange County Counselors

“We are so grateful to both of you. What a fantastic team! I know you sent many participants away inspired and encouraged to add sparkle to their marriage.”
—Trudi Feenstra Amerkhanian,
Former Director of Women’s Ministries,
Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, CA

“So much of what we provide in the church takes couples in separate directions. LifeMates provides an opportunity to serve and be ministered to as a couple. We have personally benefited.”
—Doug Slaybaugh, former Director of Saddleback Seminars

“I highly recommend Congo Counseling. Janet Congo was instrumental in saving my marriage. When my husband and I came to her, we had already filed for divorce, sold our house and were ready to go our separate ways.  Janet got to know my husband and me as individuals first before bringing us together to discuss our marital issues.  She gave us clear instructions and tools to use, which we implemented.  I loved her no nonsense way of “calling us out” on our individual “junk” and encouraged us to acknowledge our part and offer each other grace and forgiveness. The one thing Janet said to us that really stuck with me is to stay to true to who Jesus expects me to be in all circumstances, regardless of how the other person is acting. This is good to remember in all relationships, not just a marriage.  We still have our ups and downs but have confidence that we will never be on a path to divorce again. We now have tools to help navigate the storms.  I love their new blog also. It is a great tool to have for my own marriage as well as I can share it with others.”
– C and Y Buck

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