When Anti-Love Behavior Needs to be Addressed

December is a great time to look back on the year. A time of reflection, remembering the lessons we learned the blessings we received. During the month of December, we are sharing the most popular posts of the past year. We started this blog as a way to be a blessing and help to couples, both strong and struggling. But over this year we’ve learned the joy that comes from hearing your stories and triumphs. So as we share these posts this December. Feel free to share on our Facebook or in the comments below. Thank you for a wonderful 2015 and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Wisdom From the World

Donald Miller, author of Scary Close (2014 Thomas Nelson)writes these words about his fiancée, Betsy.

“She has this magical, strategic way of waiting for the right time to bring up one of my faults. And she always talks about it in such a way I know she wants me to be stronger and better and for us to have a better relationship. I can’t explain it, exactly, but it’s almost like a coach coaching an athlete. The athlete never feels weak. It’s just that the coach is seeing things the athlete is blind to. The coach is making the athlete stronger.”

Wisdom From the Word

“And then take on an entirely new way of life- a God-fashion life, a life renewed from the inside and working itself into your conduct as Christ accurately reproduces His character in you. What this adds up to, then, is this: no more lies, no more pretense. Tell you neighbor (spouse) the truth. In Christ’s body we’re all connected to each other, after all. When you lie to others, you end up lying to yourself.” Ephesians 4:22-25 (The Message)

“The road to life is a disciplined life; ignore correction and you’re lost for good.” Proverbs 10:17 (The Message)

Keep Me Real, Lord!

“Lord, give me the courage to risk speaking up in our relationship. As I do this, help me to be motivated by love as I raise an issue that my spouse may not be aware of.

When my mate brings up an issue to me, help me to receive it as a potential opportunity to grow. Keep me curious. Help me to live in such a way that my mate knows that I am open to their truth. Amen!”

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