Creating Magical Moments On Valentine’s Day

valentine's day

by Dr. David and Janet Congo Note: This post is the 2nd in a series of posts building up to Valentine’s Day. Click HERE to read the first in the series What do Halloween and Valentine’s have in common? Ha! I wish I could hear your responses. My answer: I often approach both days with […]

The Top Two Ways to Find Your Way Back To Each Other

finding my way back to you

A new reality hits every married couple once a baby enters your life. Immediately and indefinitely the two of you are dealing with a loss of time, energy, and privacy. Don’t get me wrong. I loved my babies and so did Dave. Yet we called this phase in our life, “New Normal” We kept expecting […]

5 Challenges to Help You Get Your Groove Back

feature marriage picture

Do you have any idea what the best predictor of a man’s relationship with his children is? Take a guess! It has little to do with how he feels about his kids. It has everything to do with the quality of his relationship with his spouse. (Tara Parker Pope) Yet a husband’s relationship with his […]

Merry Christmas with love from Congo Counseling!

Merry Christmas

Love left it’s comfort zone in heaven that first Christmas,Love made it’s arrival as a vulnerable, dependent, human baby.Love grew and confronted everything that was anti-love.Love just continued to love.Love confused us, we were more familiar with power.Without a human demonstration of sacrifice, we would never understand love.We thought we were in control when we […]

The Downside Of Your Upside

growing past disenchantment

  Do you sometimes feel as if you have a love/hate relationship with each other? Have you noticed that you can view the same character trait of your partner in completely different ways depending on your mindset? Over the years in marriage counseling, I have listened to clients in the glow of a new relationship […]

Keeping Love Alive!

keeping my love alive

  Something truly amazing happens when we’re infatuated with a new love. We’re generous in attitude, careful with our choice of words, creative in planning, and intentional in action. These loving choices fan the flames of desire, passion and love. Then something happens. We get married. Often with that commitment, something insidious begins to occur. […]

My Most Unusual Counseling Session in 35 Years

surprising your spouse

Does it seem as if life is getting in the way of you ever having quality time together as a married couple? Even though we are marriage counselors, that reality has intermittently been our challenge over the last forty-four years. I can still remember vividly a time when I was completely overwhelmed. I was going […]

Let Love Be Your Guiding Principle This Holiday Season


Have you noticed that you can be motivated by one of two things: fear or love? Do you know the difference in your life? You can experience every moment of your day as a perfectionist or you can choose to pursue excellence. What a difference your motivation will make this Christmas season both to you […]

The Multiple Benefits Of A Good Marriage


  Have you noticed that we are living in difficult times? As we approach Thanksgiving and stop to count our blessings, even in the midst of the tragic and unsettling, let’s not forget to be grateful for the wonders found in a good marriage. One of the most wonderful blessings is how a healthy relationship […]

Please Don’t Do Marriage Alone


Does anyone encourage the two of you to keep the marriage vows that you made on your wedding day? Remember, you promised to love and to cherish…in sickness and health…for richer and poorer…till death do us part. How easy it is to say those words when everything is going as planned. How challenging those words […]